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University of Pittsburgh Maps & Directions; for the Chemistry Department Chevron Building, click here; our offices and labs are in the Chevron Annex, accessible through the 6th and 7th floor of Chevron.

Synthesis & General Chemistry References

H-Cube Catalysts; pdf File of Applications & Operation; Wipf Group User Guidelines (pdf)

Smith ATR IR; Wipf Group User Guidelines (pdf)

Jasco CD/ORD; Wipf Group User Guidelines (pdf)

Overview of Lab Techniques and Useful Reagents (TLC, etc)

Agilent and Waters LC/MS Primers and HPLC Troubleshooting Guide; Information on Solvent Switches and RP Buffer Selection

Flash Chromatography Guidelines

Choosing the best NMR Pulse Sequences, Acquisition Parameters, Postacquisition Processing Strategies, and Probes

Web-based NMR & Spectral Tools: Predictor/Assigner/Resurrector; NMR Shift Database; ChemExper Chemical Directory; Spectral Database for Organic Compounds; NIST Database

Common NMR Solvents & Impurities

Common MS Impurities

Common Chemical Additives in Plastics

Solvent Drying

Solvent Degassing

1H NMR Coupling Constant Analysis

Strategies & Tools for NMR based Structure Determination

Tables of pKa's, Name reactions, Organic synthesis problems

IUPAC Nomenclature

Organic Chemistry Glossary

Illustrated Glossary of Organic Chemistry

Optical Rotation Calculator

Microwave Review

Preparing for Interviews

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide

U.S. & Canadian Synthetic Organic Programs

U.S. & Canadian Chemical Biology Programs

Synthesis Reviews Database

Commercial Availability

Chemical Supplier's Database for Compound Properties


Faculty of 1000-Biology "Pharmacology & Drug Discovery" Click here for Evaluations from our group

Houben-Weyl Science of Synthesis

Online Journals Article Search

Reference Resolver

Science Citation Search (Web of Science) Gateway

Summary of Common Crystallization Solvents

Crystallization Information - How to grow x-ray quality crystals

Experimental Data Checker

Health Sciences Library System (or: Book Search)

Organic Reactions Wiki Site

Organic Syntheses Website

e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis Search

RSC Methods in Organic Synthesis Online Search

National Academy Report on "Challenges for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering" (the "Breslow Report")

Organic Chemistry Highlights

Patent Highlights

Charting Chemical Space: Finding New Tools to Explore Biology, August, 2004

Language Translator

WolframAlpha: Chemistry

Chemistry Internet Search Engine

News Coverage

News items have moved to twitter - follow us on @wipf_group

August 2016: Humboldt Research Award

July 2016: MAL3-101 demonstrates that cancer cells usurp Cellular Control Mechanisms for promoting proliferation

June 2016: JJ-450's Preclinical Development is Sponsored by UPMC Enterprises

June 2016: Erika Gotway received the prestigious Beckman Scholar Award

May 2013: A Universe of Unexplored Small Molecules; Highlighted in NIH's Biomedical Beat (May Issue)

March 2013: Our Indole Synthesis has been Highlighted in Synfacts

November 2012: Promising Therapy Developed for Huntington's Disease; See also: NIGMS Biomedical Beat December 20, 2012

August 2012: XJB-5-131 Prevents Secondary Damage after Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); Commentary: Knockout punch: cardiolipin oxidation in trauma

January 2012: MAL3-101 Shows Potent Anti-Tumor Effects on Multiple Myeloma

July 2011: Kara George Receives 2011 ACS Medicinal Chemistry Predoctoral Fellowship

April 2011: PI3K At The Clinical Crossroads(C&EN April 11, 2011, Cover Story)

June 2010: Protein Interactions of Biginelli compunds: Small- molecule analogs affect heat-shock protein complex in different ways

August 2009: "A Radical Old Age" - An update on our mitochondrial targeting research

July 2009: "To Cyclize or Not To Cyclize: Catching Enzyme Evolution in the Act

June 2008-present: Phase I/II triala of PX-866, a drug developed in our labs

Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. , October 2007 (Induced Chirality in Achiral Media—How Theory Unravels Mysterious Solvent Effects)

C&E News, August 6, 2007 (Solvent can dominate optical rotation)

C&E News, February 6, 2006 (Streamlined method to ID chiral selectors)

C&E News, October 4, 2004 (Rescuing Combichem - Diversity-oriented synthesis aims to pick up where traditional combinatorial chemistry left off)

C&E News, May 3, 2004 (The Right Combination; Combinatorial Chemistry & Jobs in Drug Discovery)

C&E News, April 19, 2004 (Organozirconium Chemistry Arrives)

Ancient Roots - Modern Medicines, Spring 2004 (Story about Curacin A)

C&E News, October 13, 2003 (Beyond Natural Products)

ISHC Award, August 2003

C&E News, November 11, 2002 (Curacin A)

Post-Gazette, October 11, 2002 (UPCMLD)


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