2018 (Web Uploads were discontinued in 2019)

June 23
Prasanth: ChemicalSynthesis of Anticancer Agents and Strained Building Blocks [view]

February 10
Dishit: Transition metal-catalyzed IMDAF for the synthesis of 3,4-substituted indole [view]


October 14
Joel: Bioisosteric Replacements [view]

April 22
Leila: Small Molecule Inhibitors of Artemis Nuclease [view]

April 1
Serene: Development of Small Molecule Antagonists of Androgen Receptor for Prostate Cancer Treatment Leila: Small Molecule Inhibitors of Artemis Nuclease [view]

February 25
Ruiting: Synthesis of Retigabine Analogs & Enamide Oxidation towards Stemona Alkaloids [view]


November 5
Chaemin: Use of Computational Tools in Medicinal Chemistry Projects [view]

September 9
Keita: Fluorine and Fluorinations [view]

June 4
Evan: Synthetic Efforts towards the Development of p75 Neurotrophin Receptor Inhibitors [view]

March 26
Alex: A Quest for Potent Allosteric Inhibitors of AAA ATPase p97 [view]

January 30
Steph: A Second Generation Total Synthesis of (±)-Cycloclavine and Progress Toward an Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (+)-Cycloclavine [view]


June 13
Lalith: Development of Inhibitors of the AAA ATPase Chaperone p97 [view]

May 16
Tanja: Targeting Mitochondria - Design, Synthesis and Application of GS-Nitroxides [view]

February 14
Peter: Solvents and Solvent Effects in Organic Chemistry [view]


John: Synthesis in High Temperature Water and Hydrophosphination of Carbodiimides with Phosphine Boranes [view]

March 29
Seb: Development of AAA ATPase Inhibitors [view]

February 1
Alex: Small Molecule Modulators of Hsp70 as Potential Anti-Cancer Drug Leads [view]


October 23
Gilmar: Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of the Stemona Alkaloids (±)-Stemoamide and (±)-Parviestemoamide [view]

October 23
Celeste: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Protein Kinase D Inhibitors [view]

September 7
James: Synthesis of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Protein Kinase D and Botulinum Neurotoxin A1 [view]

May 23
Kyu Ok: Analog Preparation of (±)-Meloscine Using Radical Cascade Reaction [view]

February 9
Feng: Discovery and Optimization of Inhibitors of Stat-3 Activation for the Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck [view]


December 15
Peter: Challenges & Opportunities in Natural Product Synthesis [view]

December 15
Josh: GS-Nitroxides for Radiation and ROS-Related Disease [view]

November 17
Jaideep: Selective Small Molecule Inhibitors of NOX2 [view]

September 8
Liming: Synthesis of the DEF Ring System of Noelaquinone by Staudinger aza-Wittig reaction & Reactions Involving Methyl 3-Oxo-2-Oxabicyclo[2.2.0]Hexane-6-Carboxylate [view]

August 4
Zhuzhu: Development of selective STAT3 targeted inhibitors for Head & Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) therapy [view]

March 17
Brandon: Oxidative C-H Bond Functionalization and Development of a Dynamic Combinatorial Library Using Pyrrolo[1,3]-Diazepines [view]


September 24
Igor: Synthesis of novel Small Molecule (Nonpeptidic) Inhibitors (SMNPIs) of the BoNT/A LC metalloprotease [view]

August 27
Yongzhao: Enantioselective Synthesis of Bicyclo[1.1.0]butanes [view]

June 4
Jie: Tandem Allylic Isomerization – IMDAF Reaction in the Synthesis 5,6,7-Substituted Indoles [view]

February 12
Juray: Gas-Liquid Microreactors for Selective Fluorination and Inhibitors of Cdc-25- Application of New E-alkene Dipeptide Isostere β-turn mimics [view]

January 15
Dimas: Synthesis of Hydantoin, Benzodiazepine- and Piperazinedione-Fused Tricyclic Compound Library [view]


December 18
Ki Bum: Library of Chiral Tetrahydrofuran, -pyran, and Morpholine Diazides: Click and other Applications for Scaffold Diversity [view]

June 5
Kara: Regioselective Palladium Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions of 2,4,7-Trichloroquinazoline and Progress Towards Small-Molecule Inhibitors for Protein Kinase D [view]

May 8
Marie-Celine: Targeting Mitochondria: An Emerging Therapeutic Area? [view]

March 13
Mike: Intramolecular Thermal Cyclization of Bicyclobutane and Allene [view]

March 6
Nolan: Pharmacophore Development and the Rational Design of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A Inhibitors [view]

January 9
Gary: Boc-Ala-Aib-OH: A New E-Alkene Dipeptide Isostere β-Turn Mimic & its Application to a Cdc25 Inhibitor [view]


November 28
Chris: Formal Synthesis of Syringolin A: An Application of the Addition of Alkenylorganometallic Reagents to Imines [view]

September 19
Eric: Total Synthesis of Anatoxin-a(s) [view]

August 1
Jared: Bioactive Peptide Synthesis [view]

April 25
Tingting: Synthesis & Biological Activities of Mefloquine Analogs [view]

January 3
Peter: PX-866 and Molecular Modeling (Part I) [view]


October 4
Laurent: A Second Approach to the Quaternary Core of Daphniglaucin A using Bicyclo[1.1.0]butane Chemistry [view]

March 15
Chad: Progress Towards a Second Generation Synthesis of Disorazole C1 [view]

January 19
Abhisek: Steroid Spiroketal Peptide: Triple Hybrid Constructs [view]


November 10
Masafumi: Model Study for The Total Synthesis of Daphniglaucin A [view]

April 21
David A.: Synthesis and Biological Activity of a Focused Library of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Phosphatase Inhibitors And Investigation of the Utility of Benzothiazole and 5-Methylthiadiazole Sulfonamides as Nitrogen Atom Protecting Groups in Asymmetric Addition Reactions to Aldimines [view]

April 14
Julia: Progress toward Liphagal and Frondosin [view]

January 20
John: Formation of 3-Substituted Indoline Scaffolds Using Friedel-Crafts and Radical Mediated Processes [view]


December 23
Cody: Progress toward the Total Synthesis of Ergot Alkaloids [view]

September 16
Zhiyong: Progress toward the Total Synthesis of Tubulysin Analogs [view]

July 29
Stephan: Studies toward the Total Synthesis of Noelaquinone and Pleurotin [view]

June 3
Kalyani: Progress Toward the Synthesis of the Tetracyclic Core of the Viridin Family [view]

April 8
Adam: Applications of Imine additions: Hemigramicidin S and Polycyclic Azepine Investigations [view]


November 12
Anthony: Synthetic Studies Towards the Stemona and Ergot Alkaloids [view]

September 17
Markus: Progress toward the Total Synthesis of Haouamine A [view]

August 20
Chenbo: Synthesis of A Tethered Bis-oxazoline Ligand for Silver(I) Binding [view]

July 9
Shinya: Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of Pleurotin [view]

June 18
David: Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of (±)-Noelaquinone [view]

March 19
Graciela: Design of Novel Dynamic Libraries for Phosphatase Inhibition and the Discovery of new Antiproliferative Agents [view]

February 12
Maciej: Chemical Adventures with Bicyclobutane [view]


November 13
Juan: Zr-Catalyzed Carbometalation [view]

October 30
Josh: Stereoselective Allylation of Imines [view]

September 11
Erick: The Total Synthesis of Diazonamide A. Literature Highlights and Current Progress toward the Asymmetric Formation of the C10 Quaternary Center [view]

July 10
Michel: Progress toward the Total Synthesis of Lophotoxin [view]

May 22
Michael: Progress toward the Total Synthesis of Tubulysin D and its Analogs [view]

March 13
Claire: Chemistry and Biology of Wortmannin [view]


October 25
Erika: Parvistemonine and the Stemona Alkaloids [view]

September 13
Jelena: Design, Synthesis and Biological Screening of Focused Libraries of New Antiestrogens [view]

July 12
Bryan: Toward the Synthesis of (E)-Alkene Peptide Isosteres [view]