Spill kits for our group are available in rooms 688 and 788. They contain physical barriers, protection equipment, and chemicals to prevent spills from spreading uncontrollably and causing additional damage before help arrives. Like first aid kits, they are not intended to replace professional assistance, and they only provide for temporary relief. There are also circumstances where it is unwise to try to contain a chemical spill without extensive protective equipment, and any physical exposure to the spilled chemical(s) is dangerous. Assess the situation, and, if in any doubt, call EH&S and limit yourself to shutting off access to the spill area.

The first step after a chemical spill is always to alert bystanders and get help! Do not do anything alone!

The spill kits contain absorbant mats and pillows, pH paper, gloves, lab coat & goggles, dust masks, brush & shovel, and chemical absorbants for acids, caustics & solvents. Plastic bags or the drum itself can be used to collect contaminated items.

Please let me know as soon as possible whenever a spill happens, and make sure that the items used from the spill kit are reordered.

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