CCC Partnerships


As part of the ongoing library syntheses in the UPCMLD, we have active collaborations with several research groups at the University of Pittsburgh as well as outside academic institutions. For example, we provide discovery libraries of unique, diverse structures for screening toward new biological targets and prepare focused libraries for SAR evaluations. Preliminary findings form the basis for joint grant applications. Our industrial partners can benefit from our expertise and in return provide fellowships and contracts for support of graduate students and postdocs working on new technologies and library development. Visiting scholars are welcome to pursue collaborative research while working in the CCC. The CCC is affiliated with several research groups that are part of the Molecular Libraries Screening Centers Network (UP-MLSCN) and the Center for Chemical Methodologies & Library Development (UPCMLD).

We have also benefited from generous donations by companies specializing in accelerated synthesis, separation and analysis instrumentation. Our students are gaining valuable hands-on experience on this instrumentation and can provide feedback on strenghts and weaknesses of this equipment.


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