CCC Objectives

Chemical synthesis continues to revolutionize our lives. Today, automation and clever innovations can be harnessed to increase the chemist’s efficiency. At the CCC, University scientists work in a collaborative environment to develop new methods and to understand and overcome the limitations of current methods. Specifically, our center’s objectives are:

Education and training, at the highest level of excellence, of B.S., M.S., Ph.D., and postgraduate students in the field of combinatorial chemistry and in efficient modern methods of chemical discovery and the analytical sciences.

Invention and development of practical new reactions, strategies, and techniques of combinatorial organic synthesis, and the creation of new technologies for reaction discovery, reaction optimization, product recovery, and fast analysis.

Investigation and verification of reaction mechanisms, material properties, and interfacial phenomena that are important in combinatorial chemistry. Physical organic approaches to mechanism elucidation, spectroscopic and surface science investigations, and theoretical studies will help to guide the creation of the next generation of methods.

Syntheses of libraries of new organic compounds and materials with desirable properties or functions, and development of new research opportunities for participating members from the University, the Medical Center, and outside organizations.

Creation of Visiting Scholar programs, where industrial partners will be welcome to pursue collaborative research while working at the CCC.

Nurturing collaborative efforts within the Department and our University. The academic research environment holds a tremendous potential of creativity and versatility. Too often, single-investigator driven projects do not live up to this potential because key expertise and instrumentation is difficult and costly to acquire by a single lab. The CCC favors a multi-investigator research approach that harnesses the full intellectual potential of the academic community.


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