Center Staff

Pete Chambers, BS; Staff Chemist and Lab Supervisor;

Kay Brummond, PhD; Core Co-Director;

Donna Huryn, PhD; CMLD Scientific Advisor;

Sean Xie, PhD; Core Co-Director;

Matt LaPorte, PhD; Associate Director;

Courtney Vowell, MS; Research III Staff Scientist;

Nilesh Zaware, PhD; Postdoctoral Associate;

Peter Wipf, PhD; Program and Core Director;

Please direct inquiries about the Center to Dr. Matt LaPorte


Each Project has two stages: research and application. At the research stage, new synthetic methodologies and chemical technologies are developed in individual research groups. At the development stage, in a centralized facility and with a dedicated staff of several PhD and BS chemists, the Diversity-Oriented Synthesis (DOS) Core validates the protocols and devices designs libraries, and scales up compound production to access 100-1,000 unique members per library. The DOS Core facility has convenient access to a pool of state-of-the-art automated synthesis, separation, and analysis equipment that is centrally located as part of the already well established Combinatorial Chemistry Center (CCC). This arrangement provides truly independent validation for all new methodologies and provides the Projects with immediate "real world" feedback of utility and practicality. Rigorous quality control ensures high purity samples that are shared with collaborators in the biological fields.


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