CCC, CMLD & UPCDC Instrumentation - Covering All Aspects of Parallel Synthesis, Purification & Analysis!


Emrys Optimizer

CEM Discover Microwave

CEM Voyager Microwave

Radley's Carousel

Innovasyn Reaction Blocks

Bohdan Reaction Blocks

Parr Hydrogenator & Parr Reactor - up to 7 simultaneous high pressure reactions with complete reaction control!

Irori RF-Tags

Quest 210




Isco Combiflash Optix X & Companion as well as Biotage Flash systems (not shown)

Allexis Liquid-Liquid Extractor

Gilson 215

Varian HPLC

Radleys Blowdown Evaporator

SEP Workup Station

Christ Alpha RVC

Genevac HT-4 and EZ-2 Plus



ThermoFinnigan Surveyor LCQ Advantage with a Polymer Labs ELS2100

Bruker 600 MHz LC-NMR with MAS Probe


Chemspeed ASW100

Balance Automator by Mettler Toledo

Matrix 2D Barcode vials

-80 °C and -20 °C Freezers

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